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Ceramic and Visual Arts Specialists, Education, Publisher

The company, a Washington state corporation, evolved  into several divisions from a ceramic art and pottery production and teaching studio founded in Seattle in 1981. In addition to the sale of artwork, and published material, the company owns and licenses a variety of intellectual property, patent, trademark, and copyright.

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I strive to contribute to the advance of individual and world communication, health and well being via the arts, humanities, and applied materials sciences.

I hope to enhance the quality of life in both aesthetic and practical ways. The arts help relieve our deepest sorrows, bridge vast language, space, and time differences, supply answers to science, give new perspective, and reconnect us to what is good and beautiful on this earth.

Dr. Rosette Gault, founder and president.

New Century Arts, Inc.

PO Box 9060

Seattle, WA 98109 USA

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